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About SDG Taekwondo...

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SDG Taekwondo is a Traditional martial art school, based on the instruction and teaching of Grand Master Tae E. Lee's Moo Kwang methods.

That means we do patterns, different forms of step sparring, and teach the philosophies and origins of Taekwondo.


Certainly, we teach the sport aspect of WTF Taekwondo, and all the fundamentals of being involved.  We also teach our students the difference between self defense and combat, but all the while, I emphasize 'respect' for ourselves and others in our class.


I have made a point of not comparing my school, to different styles of martial arts. 


I am focused on many aspects of Taekwondo, and the teachings of Grand Master Lee.


As an instructor, I am always learning and growing, by seeking out as much information as I can obtain, about new approaches and techniques related to WTF Taekwondo.

I continually seek out new ways of making my instruction more easily understood.  This is important, especially with my younger students.  I try to put myself in their 'shoes', as they say, to ensure my sudents are receiving the best and most comprehensive instruction I can provide, at their level of understanding. 


When my students receive instruction, I want to make sure they understand fully what I am asking them to do, not only for memory retention, but for their safety as well.

Master Brent Stang.

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